Monday, 17 January 2011


I find it hard to curb my desire for material things. As much as I admire the simple life, I'm a real magpie. I find myself attracted to the beauty of an item, but ultimately have difficulty seeing past it's beauty simply as an object or item of clothing, pattern, colour etc. and finding a way of incorporating it into my life/look. I just adore them as pretties in their own right. 

Consequently, I now have a rather eclectic and mismatched wardrobe, exasperated by a fairly recent change in body size and now pregnancy, so nothing really fits either my body or my personality. It's beginning to grate. 

Although I won't have much disposable income to indulge, I'm looking forward to re-modelling my style when I finally get my body back (now 2 days overdue) and turn 30 later this year (eek!), so I'm currently scouring clothing sites for inspiration like the above, from Toast. Very. Nice. Pyjamas.

As I've never been particularly flush, I've always gone for the cheap and cheerful bargain finds, so that I could feel I was regularly buying new things and not spending too much. I realise this is a mistake when you don't have some high quality basics to work around, so that's going to be my starting point. 

Hopefully, with some guidelines, forward planning and most of all, patience rather than impulse-buying, I'll be able to efficiently overhaul my look over the coming year, ready to return to work in the autumn (le sigh) and feel somewhat whole again. Ahhh...


What sayest thou?